XR Series Turbochargers

XR Series Turbochargers

The XR Series of turbochargers is the perfect option for people who are looking at replacing their stock turbocharger with one that’s more capable of standing the test of time and bolts right in. Through the use of a Billet Blade Technology compressor wheel, airflow is increased, which helps to reduce EGTs and assists in improving efficiency. When choosing a stock replacement turbocharger, you should go with one that capable and well made. Every XR turbocharger checks these boxes and then some. Pick one up today!

  • Extended Tip BBT Compressor Wheel

  • Available for 1994+ Diesel Pick-ups

  • Increased Airflow / Lower EGT’s

  • One Year - Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Stock Replacement with Billet Compressor Wheel

Upgraded Replacement with Bigger Compressor Wheel

Upgraded Replacement with Bigger Exhaust and Compressor Wheel