Cody Williams, Co-owner of Industrial Injection – gives us the inside scoop of the XP CP3 Pumps.

The Industrial Injection XP Series CP3 will produce more fuel output than any CP3 on the market! What makes these pumps unique are the oversized plungers in combination with DLC coating and higher lift crankshafts. Standard plungers measure 7.5mm, XP plungers are 8.5mm plungers. The XP Series pumps are offered with our 12mm crank shaft. The new plungers and tappets are all hardened and DLC coated to ensure reliability, longevity and to reduce sticking. We test all of our pumps on bosch state of the art test equipment, but also on the highest level competition vehicles in the industry. With our engineering on the XP Series CP3 pumps you can produce more fuel output with less pumps.