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    Industrial Injections Diesel Crate Engines. We provide all duramax engine modifications. So if you are looking for a replacement diesel duramax engine for your truck or any other project, we have what you are looking for. We specialize in performance diesel engines! We can set you up with a complete engine that you will be more then happy with, So if your engine is old and wore out, Call us for your diesel engine needs.

    For complete engine quotes please contact Dustin at 1-800-955-0476 or you can email him your engine questions. Engine Specialist <--Click Here

    We can build you any custom setup that you desire. We have build over 400 crate engines for daily, race, competition, and even conversions. There is no limit!

    We can build a complete engine that has our fuel pumps, injectors, and our compound turbos. That way you have a complete setup that we know works together, We can get you setup today with one of our engines. We will even schedule a core pick up of your old engine.

    If you have basic questions regarding our engines, please call our sales team: Alec, Sterling, and Jeremy. They can help you out with extra power for your truck. You can email each of them for after hour questions. BrettAlec, Sterling, Jeremy

    • $610.00