Industrial Injection Has Teamed With Borg Warner For An Industry Exclusive.

The S430SX Is What The Industry Has Been Waiting For To Give Their Truck Improved Performance Along With An Exclusive Design!

S430SX Turbo Information

 Graph From Borg Warner Testing

S430SX Turbo Flow Chart

S430 SX Specs:


78mm/80mm/82mm Inducer



Comp Wheel:


FMW Forged Milled Wheel “Billet” Comp Wheel (Extended Tip)

7 Over 7 / 14 Blades

Larger A/R

.73 Race Cover

V-Band And Hose Outlet Options

Optional Speed Sensor

Air Flow 1700 CFM 1170HP

Capable Of 55Lbs Of Boost




96mm Turbine Wheel

T6 1.32 A/R




Larger S430 (Stability For High Boost Pressure And Load)

Heavy Duty Oil Grooved Bearings For More Oil Flow, Cooling And Stability

360 Degree Thrust Bearing VS. Typical 270 Degree Thrust

The 80mm and 82mm option come with a 1.58 A/R