Our DLC coated pumps offer many benefits:

  • DLC coated tappets & plungers to help improve longevity of the injection pump
  • Stronger than any OEM pump available on the market currently
  • More affordable than OEM remanufactured or new pumps

Why DLC Coating? 

In the later year CP3 pumps, Bosch found that DLC coating some of the internal parts of the CP3 pump made it a much more reliable and stronger pump. Unfortunately the early year pumps like those for LB7, LLY and early 5.9L’s are not built with DLC coated internals—until now! Industrial Injection now offers some of the early CP3 pumps with DLC coated plungers and some with DLC coated tappets and plungers.

What is DLC Coating? 

DLC coating stands for Diamond-Like Carbon coating. It has similar qualities of natural diamond like; low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance.