Duramax Powermax Upgrade Turbo Stage I

Duramax Powermax Upgrade Turbo Stage I

Product code:773540-5001ST

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PowerMax Stage 1 (773540-1)

     - Featuring the Garrett patented Advanced Variable Turbine (AVNTTM) design for increased compressor flow and turbine flow

     - Utilizes nine movable vanes which significantly increases turbine efficiancy and improve engine performance from idle launch through peak         torque

     - Patented integral electro-hydraulic actuation and proportional solenoid for infinately variable control

     - Provides up to an estimated 590 HP with no sacrifice to drivability

     - Outline interchangable, for a perfect fit each and every time

     - 65mm Compressor Wheel

     - 67mm Turbine Wheel


The PowerMax TM Duramax (2004.5-2010) Turbocharger Upgrade Kit includes 

     - Garrett patented AVNTTM GT3794VA (Stage 1) or GT4094VA (Stage 2) Turbocharger

     - Adapter Cable

     - Installation Instructions 

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