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Industrial Injection & Turbo Service

Diesel Performance

2858 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

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Diesel Service

1201 South 700 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 

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*conveniently located in Salt Lake City, with easy access from I-15, 1300 South off ramp & the 3300 south exit for the performance shop.

Phone: 1-800-955-0476 or 801-972-0476


Email:  info@industrialinjection.com
Performance Turbo & Fuel Team

Brett Williams ext-1209  brett@industrialinjection.com       Fuel, Turbo, Performance Specialist
Dallas Hunt ext-1217   dallas@industrialinjection.com        Fuel, Turbo, Performance Specialist
Dustin Hembury ext-1208  dhembury@industrialinjection.com      Performance Engine Specialist
Kyle Holliman ext-1220   kyle@industrialinjection.com              Fuel, Turbo, Performance Specialist
Jeremy Webster ext-1207   jeremy@industrialinjection.com       Fuel, Turbo, Performance Specialist
Alec Hembury ext-1218   alec@industrialinjection.com        Fuel, Turbo, Performance Specialist
Sterling Harper ext-1205   sharper@industrialinjection.com        Fuel, Turbo, Performance Specialist

Injector Shop Sales & Service Team
Adam Scholl ext-1102  adam@industrialinjection.com
Jim Hiner ext-1103   jim@industrialinjection.com

Drive in Service Repair
Dallas Hunt ext-1217   dallas@industrialinjection.com        Fuel, Turbo, Performance Specialist
Agricultural/ Over the Road Turbo Sales & Service Team
Shane Williams ext-1108  shane@industrialinjection.com
Brandon Leary ext-1110  brandon@industrialinjection.com

Warranty Information
Cody Williams ext-1109   cody@industrialinjection.com     Warranty
D'Ann ext-1214 801-713-2997 controller@industrialinjection.com

Core Information
Kathy Eldredge ext-1201   kathy@industrialinjection.com        Product Core returns

Scott Dana  media@industrialinjection.com 

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